This post features two legendary deer that have been part of my life and they are shown in the two featured photos. Both of these deer are considered to be the monsters of our woods in our area of South Central Minnesota.

The first deer is one that we call Tall Tines.  This photo was taken in 2006 when he was 5 1/2 years old.  It was taken in a piece of woods we refer to as Margaritville in early December.  I hunted this deer for six years and was able to pick up his shed antlers for five of those six years.  Tall Tines was eventually harvested in 2009 at 8 ½ years old by my hunting partner , Don and at that point, this deer had grown a drop tine.  He was on the down hill side of his maturity, which could explain the development of his drop tine.

This second deer is Five and Dime from 2014 when he is also 5 1/2.  This was taken in the section of woods that we call "Bee Sting" and shows the deer in early December of 2014.  Five and Dime has been eluding me this year.  He seems to be everywhere I am not, but just the same it is has been fun to catch a glimpse of him whether it be from a stand in a tree or from a card off of one of my many trail cameras.  A few in our hunting party still have tags and have been looking for an opportunity to harvest this mighty deer of the woods.  We wonder who has Five and Dimes dance card?  Will the dance be this year or next?  There is about a week left in the season and he could still be harvested.

Note the photo quality in eight years. Both pictures were taken in low light and overcast skies.

Enjoy our woodland treasures, and take care of our natural resources.

Jim, the “history” man