In 2011 we got our first trail camera pictures of a lean, young, clean ten point with short brow tines. I named him based on the fact that he had a five by five rack ("Five") and had a sum total of ten points ("Dime"). The name fit because at this time he was nothing special and in my mind he was just another five and dime, like something you buy at a "five and dime" store of the past. He certainly wasn't a designer store buck.

I picked up both of his sheds in the spring of 2012. The first one was up against a log in a thin strip of woods that bordered a large thick bedding swamp. I looked every chance I could for a week searching for the other side. I did not find it until we conducted a prescribed burn. You can spot a white shed from a long way off in a burned area. The shed was in great condition after surviving the burn and I had a nice matched set from just another ten point.

I followed this deer in 2012 on my trail camera’s but did not pick up his sheds that next spring. Then in 2013 at age 4 ½ he started to grow. I picked up his left side shed in the spring of 2014. It was 70 inches and judging from the many trail camera shots we got of him the other side was at least as big. He was a high 150’s buck with a nice wide spread.

In 2014 we must have captured him on camera more than any other deer in our area. He was also the biggest deer we were seeing and as it looks like he was even bigger as a 5 ½ year old stud. We will hit the field hard this spring combing the woodlots and swamps for his treasured shed antlers. Stay tuned as I hope to bring you the net chapter in the life of an ordinary deer that has grown into the new local legend. Not just another Five and Dime deer.

You can also check out my video that shows my 2014 Five and Dime shed antler find:

Enjoy our woodland treasures and take care of our natural resource’s

Jim, Your antler recovery guy