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Christmas Tree Flocking Machines

We all desire a white Christmas. Your customers want to experience the ideal holiday. Christmas tree flocking machines give your clients exactly what they want.

What is a flocking machine?

The fascination with a snowy holiday goes back generations. Songs immortalized the ideal day well before tree lots originated.

To give your customers the white Christmas they deserve, flocking machines allow owners to spray a mixture of adhesive and cellulose on their trees. Flocking literally means to create texture.

Creating a white Christmas anywhere

Marketers and businesses seek to match the perception that customers expect. That means generating the image of snow in places where none exists.

Flocking a tree turns shopping mall courtyards into the great white north. There is nothing more appealing than a Santa sitting in what appears to be the actual North Pole.

Whether you live in the South or are trying to create memories, flocking machines give you the power to captivate audiences. Shoppers will love the simulated snow.

Is flocking a tree safe?

Cellulose is the common whitening material used to give the trees their snowy feel. Some companies use paper pulp as the fiber, corn starch as the adhesive, and boron as a flame retardant.

The materials found in flocking material naturally occur in foods. The maximum allotted intake of boron, a compound found in nuts and other foods, is 20 milligrams per day. Your customers do not need to worry about their pets or children becoming interested in the simulated snow.

Flocking is actually a safety benefit. Boron helps prevent flames from engulfing a tree. Flocking is safe.

Does a flocked tree look real?

Flocked trees look realistic. This does depend on how much material is used. It is possible to create surreal clumps of fake snow on your tree but this is a matter of personal preferences.

The process is often used in Hollywood to produce a feel that viewers believe. Studio sets are not exposed to the elements but your favorite Christmas specials retain the charm of the holiday through flocking.

Powder or artistry

Peak seasons manufacturers Christmas tree lot and flocking supplies for sale across the United States. Create the feeling of Rocky Mountain Powder or a windblown Maine forest with our flocking machines.

If you are looking for something more unique, we produce high-intensity colors. Red, green, and even orange trees will spruce up your Christmas. Add glitter to give any scene a glint.

Christmas Tree flocking Machines in the United States

Peak Seasons offers all the materials to make your customers snowy vision a reality. From glitter to machines and coolant, we have everything you need to spruce up your holidays.

Started in 1979, we ship across the United States. As the nation’s largest supplier to fresh-cut tree farms and lots, we sell everything except the trees. Our unique Sno-Bond flocking material sticks to trees without producing a toxic hazard.

Visit your website today to setup an account and look for the materials you need this Christmas.


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