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2015 Spring Shed Hunt

It has been a great shed season for Minnesota shed hunters this year.  In South Central Minnesota, the snow cover was gone quick enough to allow me to start shed hunting in mid-February.  I started finding sheds the last week of February and April 1st marks my most successful shed hunt day for me so far this year.  On that [...]

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2012 Sheds from Gumby…not Pokey

    This is a shed hunting story about a deer that we named Gumby.  In 2012 I picked up a big fresh right side shed from this buck. Even though I spent a pile of hours looking, I never found the other side. Shed antler hunting can be a satisfying and frustrating sport.  In the area where [...]

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Five and Dime

In 2011 we got our first trail camera pictures of a lean, young, clean ten point with short brow tines. I named him based on the fact that he had a five by five rack ("Five") and had a sum total of ten points ("Dime"). The name fit because at this time he was nothing special [...]

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