2015 Spring Shed Hunt

It has been a great shed season for Minnesota shed hunters this year.  In South Central Minnesota, the snow cover was gone quick enough to allow me to start shed hunting in mid-February.  I started finding sheds the last week of February and April 1st marks my most successful shed hunt day for me so far this year.  On that [...]

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2012 Sheds from Gumby…not Pokey

    This is a shed hunting story about a deer that we named Gumby.  In 2012 I picked up a big fresh right side shed from this buck. Even though I spent a pile of hours looking, I never found the other side. Shed antler hunting can be a satisfying and frustrating sport.  In the area where [...]

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Five and Dime

In 2011 we got our first trail camera pictures of a lean, young, clean ten point with short brow tines. I named him based on the fact that he had a five by five rack ("Five") and had a sum total of ten points ("Dime"). The name fit because at this time he was nothing special [...]

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Tale of Two Legends

This post features two legendary deer that have been part of my life and they are shown in the two featured photos. Both of these deer are considered to be the monsters of our woods in our area of South Central Minnesota. The first deer is one that we call Tall Tines.  This photo was [...]

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