gumbys sheds


This is a shed hunting story about a deer that we named Gumby.  In 2012 I picked up a big fresh right side shed from this buck. Even though I spent a pile of hours looking, I never found the other side.

Shed antler hunting can be a satisfying and frustrating sport.  In the area where we shed hunt, there are vast stretches of woods and not so many open fields.   The bucks have lots of cover and area to roam. We don't have the opportunity to work with food plots.  One day, we can spend hours walking through wooded areas and not find a shed antler and then, find five in one day.  We do attempt to hit the areas that are likely to hold these treasures of the woodlot.  Some locations we focus in on to bring up the odds of finding shed antlers are south facing slopes, swamp and field edges.  I have experienced walking within 50 yards of a shed one day and find it the next.

A surprising end to the 2014 a friend found the left side. It laid out in the woods for two years and was unexpectedly in great shape. I now have both 2012 sides of a buck we called Gumby.

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Frustrating or satisfying....I will continue to shed antler hunt, because of the thrill I get when finding the the trophy antler, having the ability to chart the history and path of the deer, as well as knowing which of the bucks made it through yet another grueling winter.

Enjoy our woodland treasures and take care of our natural resource’s

Jim, Your shed antler guy