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We at Antleritis defined and define the obsession.

Ant-ler-itis n. – A sportsperson’s neurotic state of passion, obsession, and preoccupation with legal and ethical hunting of antlered animals or the shed antlers that these animals deposit.

We at Antleritis would like to be your supplier for all things antlers to satisfy your antler obsession.  Look below for a quick peek at some of our products.

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Our Products

Our Happy Customers

Great Product! I have bought the Shed Bed and love it! I really recommend this to all trophy collectors out there. It’s easy to use and looks great when hung up.
Jacob of Las Vegas, NV
Awesome product – I found two great sheds and wasn’t sure the best way to display them. Saw the Shed Beds and decided to give ‘em a try…very worth it and they work great!
Raymond of Washington Island, WI
Holds Them! I shed hunt a lot and got tired of screwing screws into my antlers. This holds them on my wall and best of all if I have a pair I can take them off the wall to use as rattlers.
Daniel of Eure, NC
This is a great way to show off your prize sheds. You can use it for all different sizes of sheds. Overall a great product at a fair price.
Adam of West Milton, Ohio
The Shed Bed is a great product. The ease of assembly is probably the best feature about this product. The second best feature would have to be the versatility. You can display your sheds easily any way you want to with the Shed Bed.
Justin of Conway, PA
Works Great!!! The Shed Bed looks great and is a well built product. It was easily to installed and held everything nice and snug.
John of Zebulon, NC
Awesome display product! The Shed Bed is a very easy to install, easy to use product. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to mount this product on my wall in the ideal position for my shed. The use of screw in “antler holders” is perfect for adjusting to the size and shape of the antler your displaying. I give this product 5 stars and look forward to purchasing more in the future!
Stephen of Sterling Heights, MI
The Shed Bed is simple to use and allows you to display your trophy sheds in an attractive way. I would recommend the Shed Bed to any serious shed hunter.
Gary of Silverhill, AL
I think the Shed Bed is an amazing idea! it’s easy to install on the wall, it’s easy to change out sheds, and it’s priced fairly. I will definitely be ordering more, to display all our best sheds!
George of Houston, TX
Finally an easy and very clean looking way to display my sheds! All my buddy’s are wanting to get some Shed Beds. They liked how you don’t need all kinds of holes in your wall to hang and I like the fact that I can display where I want and don’t need to worry about sheds falling down on my new born ‘lil girl… when she starts crawling and moving around.
Eric of Lompoc, CA
Very nice easy to use product that works anywhere and looks great anywhere.I put it in my house and even my wife loves it and wants to put up more.
Matthew of Lakeside, AZ
This product was very simple to use and displays my antlers nicely. It only took 4 screws total to mount the antlers and place them on the wall no drilling needed and did not have to harm the antlers either.
Ethan of Loco, OK